“What’s the Big Idea?” kickstarting local businesses

By Kira Paterson

Neepawa Banner & Press

It’s that time of year again; local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to build their business with the help of the fourth annual What’s the Big Idea? event. Neepawa’s Economic Development Officer (EDO) Marilyn Crewe is here to help anyone who thinks they have the next big idea.

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It’s all fun and games

Neepawa Vet Clinic hosts Search and Rescue demo

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Photos by Cassandra Wehrhahn

Gypsy, nicknamed “Gyp”, and dog trainer Kent were ready for their closeup at the Neepawa Vet Clinic.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

Visitors to the Neepawa Vet Clinic during the 11-2 p.m. open house got a bit of a treat on Oct. 5 in the form of a search and rescue demo, provided by visiting dog trainer Kent and rescue dog Gypsy.

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Looking Back - 1978: Strike signs pop up at Neepawa’s liquor store


Photo courtesy of the Banner & Press Archives. Liquor store workers stuck up this sign outside of the Neepawa Liquor Mart, going on strike in 1978.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago, Tuesday, October 13, 1908

On learning that theIsland of Crete has proclaimed its union with Greece, Turkey despatched a cruiser and three torpedo boats from Smyrna to the island of Samos.

Miss K. Garnier has completed her training in the general hospital here. A reception will be held at the hospital on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 15 from 3 to 5 o’clock during which graduating exercises will take place. Friends of the hospital are cordially invited to attend.

100 years ago, Friday, October 11, 1918

Turkey has a new government that is pro-ally.

Hindenburg has had a row with the Kaiser and quit his job.

Russia is recovering from Bolshevism, but economic conditions are deplorable.

Bulgaria has notified Austria and Germany to withdraw soldiers from that country within a month.

Further British success has been achieved in Palestine, Beirut, Yahweh, Royah and Saida having been taken.

The German army is devastating every inch of the territory evacuated. Yet the Kaiser asks for peace; and some soft Canadians would stop the war just to please the Kaiser.

Capt. Von Mueller, who commanded the German raider Emden, has regained his liberty. He was taken prisoner by the crew of the Australian battleship Sydney and imprisoned in England, but he escaped and was subsequently interned in Holland.

90 years ago, Friday, October 12, 1928

A zeppelin started Thursday morning from Germany for a 4,216 mile flight to New York carrying 60 persons.

The United States supreme court decided that Canadians are not affected by the immigration laws of that country and may cross the boundary freely.

80 years ago, Tuesday, October 11, 1938

Germany and Turkey have negotiated a trade treaty.

Canada will not be asked to join in the British guarantee of territorial independence of Czechoslovakia.

A Barcelona-bound train was bombed by a lone Spanish insurgent plane on Sunday, killing 150 and injuring 300.

Hitler has worked out a proposal for the restriction of the use of heavy weapons, poison gas, and the bombing of undefended cities.

The British house of commons last week endorsed premier Chamberlain’s peace deal with Hitler following a three-day debate.

Hitler told the world in a speech on Sunday that Germany is ready for peace but at the same time is preparing herself defensively more than ever.

The Fascist grand council has decreed abolition of the Italian chamber of deputies and establishment in its place a new chamber of fasces and guilds.

In “defence of the Italian race,” the Italian government has made a decree forbidding marriage of Italians to Africans, Semitic of other foreign races. Civilian and military employees of the state have been forbidden to marry “foreign women of whatever race.”

70 years ago, October, 1948

There will be no election this year in the Town of Neepawa or in the Rural Municipalities of Rosedale and Lansdowne. All nominees were elected by acclamation. The nomination day for Langford has been set back to October 23.

60 years ago, Friday, October 10, 1958

The first meeting of the Eden CGIT group was held Tuesday, October 7, in the parlor of the United Church under the leadership of Phyllis Anderson, Doris McCracken and Sheila Griffiths.

Donna Cook was elected president for the coming year. Other officers are Kay Cook, vice-president; Jean Graham, secretary; Helen McCracken, treasurer; and Norma Denoon, reporter.

At the next meeting to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 1958, plans for a Halloween party and the project for this year will be made.

50 years ago, Tuesday, October 15, 1968

Good progress is being made on construction of the new headquarters for the Neepawa Health Unit on the hospital grounds here, it was reported by Superintendent Mrs. A.F. McKenzie at a meeting of the hospital board Friday night.

The building is expected to be ready for occupancy near the end of October.

Cost of the new structure is $68,000 which is being shared by local, provincial and federal governments. The building will be rented to the Health Unit which presently occupies space in the basement of the Neepawa Hospital.

40 years ago, Thursday, October 12, 1978

Strike signs went up in front of the Neepawa liquor store Tuesday morning as local employees joined fellows members of the Manitoba Government Employees Association (MGEA) in a legal strike. Although there are about 400 liquor store employees in Manitoba, only 23 are located in the eight Western Manitoba stores at Brandon, Neepawa, Minnedosa, Russell, Virden, Souris, Killarney and Melita. Other liquor outlets in the area are located in private business places and these will remain open as long as stocks last. MGEA is seeking an 18 month contract with a six per cent increase in the first 12 months and 11.3 per cent increase during the next six months. The union claims their members are 30 to 40 per cent behind their counterparts in Saskatchewan.

30 years ago, Tuesday, October 11, 1988

Brenna Frith’s mother, Bonnie, gave her daughter a helping hand getting her laces tied before Brenna performed a Scottish dance at last Saturday’s Fun and Folk Festival.

20 years ago, Monday, October 12, 1998

The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation recorded a net income of $225.2 million for the fiscal year ending March 31.

The year’s results represent an increase of $9.2 million or 4.3 per cent over the previous year. The increase resulted primarily from casino sector revenues which returned to normal levels after the 1996 labor dispute.

Editor’s note: No date could be listed for the 1948 section.

Meet the mayoral candidates of Westlake Gladstone - Scott Kinley


Online-Scott photo EDIT

Submitted photo

Mayoral candidate Scott Kinley.


By Scott Kinley

Making the decision to run for Mayor was one that wasn’t taken lightly I asked myself several times why would I want to do this?

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Meet the mayoral candidates of Westlake Gladstone - Keith Arthur

Online-keith arthur

Submitted photo

Mayoral candidate Keith Arthur.


By Penny Rogers

Developing strong lasting relationships, engaging taxpayers, growing the region, initiating cost savings, testing new processes and technologies.

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