Lansdowne area farmer served in both wars



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Pictured is William Paterson and his wife Margaret (“Daisy”). The Patersons raised eight children on their farm between Neepawa and Arden.

By Kira Paterson

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William Paterson (1896-1962) was born and raised in Quebec, however, he spent the majority of his adult life farming in the Rural Municipality of Lansdowne. Before moving to Manitoba, he enlisted to fight in the Great War (WWI) and after he moved, he also assisted in the effort during World War Two (WWII). He didn’t speak much of his time in the two World Wars, but it was quite the story to tell.

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Six brothers return from war

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Left to right: Patrick, George, and Norman Campbell

By Lenda Jerome Campbell

Niece of Campbell Veterans

My grandfather, Angus Campbell, came from Scotland. Six Campbell brothers served  in WWII but I’m not sure what year. He settled with his brothers in the Kinosota area.

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Correction - Neepawa Remembrance Day Service

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There was an error regarding the day of service in the Neepawa Legion’s Remembrance Day listing. It stated “Saturday, Nov. 11”, the proper day and date is Sunday, Nov. 11. The service is at the Yellowhead Centre at 10:45 a.m.

“When will it end?”



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Pictured is a closeup of one of the soldiers depicted in the “When will it end?” Victory Loan artwork.

By Cassandra Wehrhahn

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When will it end? That was a question likely hanging on many people’s lips throughout the duration of the wars.

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The roles played by the branches of the Canadian military

By Metro Creative Connection


Each year on November 11, Canadians pause in a silent moment of remembrance for the men and women who have served and continue to serve their country during times of war, conflict and peace.

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