Province providing local governments new tools to support municipal amalgamations


The provincial government is providing new tools for municipalities as they develop their amalgamation plans in consultation with citizens.

Municipalities now have access to a website with up-to-date information and resources along with an amalgamation guidebook that outlines all the existing tools to look after local interests, the minister said, adding ongoing support from amalgamation teams and expert field consultants will provide on-the-ground assistance.

Seven regional seminars will take place all around Manitoba in February. These seminars are aimed at assisting councils and chief administrative officers in working through the key requirements of an amalgamation plan.

In the 2012 speech from the throne, the province announced that over this year it would work with all municipalities to begin a process of municipal amalgamations. Manitoba municipalities were asked to identify potential partnerships by the end of January, commit to those partnerships by the end of March and finalize amalgamation plans by the end of this year.

With files from Manitoba news release