My Perspective - Remembering

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

This week, we marked Remembrance Day.  On Tuesday, at 11 am, in a cascade across the country, the world stopped for two minutes of silence. In these moments of silence, we remembered those known and unknown to us who fought, and sometimes lost their lives, in the service of our country.  

We remember why they fought and what they fought for.

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Homebodies - What is after the war?

By Rita Friesen

Once again we are approaching what the calendar calls ‘Remembrance Day’. While I do respect and honour the day set aside to officially recognize those individuals who have served our country, and their families, one day seems woefully inadequate.

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My Perspective - At best a creep

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

The Neepawa Banner

Less than a week, that was all the time it took.  In fact, it only took five days for Jian Ghomeshi to go from a Canadian superstar to a Halloween costume, and a scary one at that.

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Right in the Centre - Vision and Wisdom

By Ken Waddell

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Thousands of Canadians died for our freedom in the three major wars of the 20th century. Many Canadian troops risked their lives, and often with fatal results in more recent conflicts. They were defending our freedom, our right to choose.

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Homebodies - Home free

By Rita Friesen

There are multiple ways to play the old favourite game, Hide and Seek. Sardines is not one of the ones I enjoy, and for those wondering what that is, it involves cramming and jamming many people into very cramped spaces.

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