Right in the Centre - Cooperation is the key

By Ken Waddell 

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The political landscape of rural Manitoba has been permanently shaken up. The amalgamation of some municipalities has caused a lot of grief and concern. It was forced upon Manitobans by a provincial government that is at best rudderless and at worst manipulative.

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Core strengthening to prevent back injury

By Yellowhead Physiotherapy

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Low back injuries are among the most commonly seen injuries in a physiotherapy clinic. There are a variety of low back injuries that can occur including muscular strains and disc and joint injuries. While these injuries are all different in nature and require different treatments and interventions, there is one thing they all have in common. Strong core muscles are key in helping to prevent these low back injuries. 

 Your core muscles include your abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Together, these muscle groups work as a team to support your trunk and provide your entire body with strength and stability. Think of your core muscles as the foundation of a building. The overall strength and stability of the structure depends on the strength of the foundation. Your pelvis and spine are the main foundation that your entire body works off of.  In turn your core muscles are in charge of stabilizing and supporting the pelvis and spine. By providing optimal strength and stability, these muscles help to keep your body in proper alignment during repetitive or strenuous tasks and help you to avoid injury.

 Optimal core strength requires a combination of exercises in order to target all of the core muscle groups. Ideally you will follow a routine that provides exercises for the deep abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles. Some examples of great exercises for the core include planks and “dead bugs”. Pilates offers excellent core strengthening as well. In addition, regular cardiovascular exercise is important for overall strength and endurance. Your local physiotherapist is a great resource for more information on exercise and can create a personalized program for you.

Are we actually surprised?

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By Ken Waddell

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In a column that was posted on-line Tuesday morning, Winnipeg Free Press columnist, Nick Martin said, “Manitoba is dead last among Canadian provinces in math, science, and reading --- and this time it’s Canadian ministers of education doing the testing. It’s devastating news for our education system.

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A different history

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Almost 20 years ago, something dramatic happened that will change history, but not necessarily in the way one might think. 

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Music, music, music...

By Rita Friesen

The power of music is a mystery. It can set a mood, destroy a mood or enhance a mood. For those of us who have grown up in the church, one of the fist little songs we learned was “Jesus Loves Me”.  Not every hymn book today contains these words, but I know, if you have the opportunity to sing with our friends in care facilities, the residents all know the words and love to sing along.

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