Right in the centre - What Trudeau should be doing


By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner & Press

Barrels of ink and tons of oxygen have been expended on Justin Trudeau’s “blackface” performances. Dozens of writers and commentators have taken great umbrage at the very idea that someone would do such a thing. We are led to believe that it is abhorrent for a person to put on make-up and dress up for a party or to perform in a play. It’s not abhorrent at all, unless we are to believe that actresses and actors can only play roles that closely depict their daily life, play out only their own physical attributes and only display their own daily actions. That is ridiculous. Trudeau should not be condemned for blackface make-up. He should not be condemned for “brownface” either. Besides, “brownface” is a made up word just so writers and the breathless media horde can find another event to fill their sorry newscasts.

All that said, while Trudeau is innocent on the blown-out-of-proportion charges, he is certainly not innocent of many other things. He is guilty of making an ass of himself with his apologies and denials. He should have told those who gasped in abhorrence about the blackface episodes to take a leap off a high bridge, get a life and examine the real issues. Trouble is, if the news media examine the real issues, they would find Trudeau lacking in far greater measures than any silly make-up stunt may be worthy of.

The bigger issues are that Trudeau is a puppet of Canadian liberalism. He was fawned over since birth, coddled through adolescence and now that he is somewhat gaining a toehold on adulthood, he is being used and abused (albeit willingly) by the Liberal establishment. It is this very Liberal establishment that has propped him up to be the front and centre spokesman to lead all us poor, dumb Canadians down the path to that promised land, where the government will do it all for us. After all, we are not smart enough to survive without the government protecting us, packing our vegetarian school lunches, all the while asking us to bow down to the lunacy of believing that Canada’s farmers and the Canadian oil industry are somehow destroying the world’s environment.

What Trudeau should be doing, after he tells the blackface critics to jump off that high bridge, is defend Canadian oil and gas. We are going to need it for a long time, until the day of electric vehicles reach viability. He should be defending Canadian farmers as the guardians of one of the world’s greatest bread baskets and some of the best environmental stewards the world has ever known. He should admit that liberalism, and its foul cousin socialism, is a cruel sham. It’s a sham that makes people rich, not by means of their initiative and invention, but by privilege and power gained by decree and legislation.

But Trudeau will not do that, because he is ensnared by the deceitful web of belief that governments know better than individuals, that society is better off being ruled by bureaucrats than by parliament. A belief that people aren’t supposed to be led, but controlled.

Trudeau could have been a great leader. So could have many of his Liberal predecessors, but they couldn’t see the folly of their ways. If they ever did, or if Trudeau ever does, it will be too late. Hopefully, Canadians will put an end to this liberal/socialist sham while we still have a country to enjoy.

Disclaimer: The writer serves as a volunteer chair of the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association. The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being  the view of the MCNA board or Banner & Press staff.