Letters - Collection for recreational purposes should not be mandatory


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I object strongly to a mandatory collection of funds for recreational purposes. Funds for the above should come only by fund raising events, combined with user fees if necessary. If that can’t be achieved, then perhaps its time to shut down some. The fact is, is that businesses have been shutting down in town here one after the other recently. The die has long been cast for small towns such as ours.

This proposed by law #2/2018 of the Municipality of McCreary excludes some and penalizes others. It is unfair, not right and should be rejected. At the very least, there should have been an opt out clause if nothing else. The bottom line, is that taxpayers should not be funding these sorts of things. It’s already coming to the Third Reading folks. Send your objection in now to the Municipal Board, 1144-363 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3N9. Thank you.

William Sorrell
McCreary, MB