Homebodies - Clutter leads to insanity


By Rita Friesen

I think I am spending too much time watching home reno shows! Along with the hours spent dreaming about knocking out this wall and replacing all the windows comes the chorus – “If I had a million dollars”!  In an attempt to counteract this trend, I have begun minor projects on my own. Ones that do not involve a million dollars.  

The pile of blue jeans too good to throw out but not good enough to give away was growing. They were Ed’s work jeans, grease stained, paint stained – red, green and black – and worn to a fine sheen on the knees. One week, I simply cut out all the salvageable parts. Smaller pile but still not finished product. 

My sister, artisan and crafts person, came for a stay over. Helpful hints and concrete advice gave me some insight to how to proceed. And so I did. One suggestion was for coloured strips of bias fabric covering all the open seams. Both front and back would then be attractive. I passed on that. Indicative of my need to get something completed, I cut patches, sewed them together and gleefully positioned the blue jean ‘blanket’ on the back seat of the car. It is a doggie blanket. Returning to the car from our winter walk, their furry paws are snow packed and dirty. A quick shake or a wash cycle and we’re good to go.   

Several months ago I purchased enough wall paper for another project. Slowly, oh so slowly, I have been stripping the old paper and preparing the wall for the new. It is on a lath and plaster wall, it’s surprising straight and with only few mesh bandages. There was a time when the whole project would have had to be completed in a day, two at the most. Now I pause to clean the light fixtures, walk the dogs, check on quilt patterns and then return to remove another strip. Motivation is lacking and concentration is weak! But it will get done. And I do clean up as I go, allowing me to rest well at night. 

What I do ‘see’ is that I ‘need’ one more door frame 69” long and five and a half inches wide. Those wonderful vintage frames, curved and ornate. I have both the topper and the bottom piece, just missing the middle!  

I am trying not to start too many projects at one time. That way lies clutter and insanity. And right now, clutter leads to insanity. I need the counter clear and no dishes in the sink. I need the floor swept and the bathroom tidy. I need clean clothes and an easy read book. A clean car and a full tank. And the wonder is – I can handle that.