Observation - April 13, 2018


Addy Oberlin
Neepawa Banner & Press

It was impossible for me to watch the news on television and not get teary-eyed. Young lives and some family man’s lives were just snuffed out. Many are still in hospital and their lives might be changed forever. Such a tragedy. I also think of the driver of the truck. How will he manage? The rest of his life he will carry the memory of this accident. 

Again, we are reminded of the fact that we never know what a day will bring. We can plan a future for our children and ourselves, but will we reach that horizon? Only God knows.

My hope is that through this terrible event people will seek the Lord and His wise bestowment. He is always there, He never dies. He is our comfort and our strength, no matter what happens. May the Lord have His way in each of our lives.

David says in Psalm 25:4 “Show me Your ways O Lord; teach me Your path.” May this be our aim this week.