Water Advisory in Neepawa underway



Image courtesy of the Town of Neepawa


By Banner & Press Staff

A reminder from the Town of Neepawa that its precautionary boil-water advisory is now in effect. The advisory started on May 20 and will likely remain in place for 4 to 5 days. The advisory is needed because new connections at the reservoir are being installed, which would double Town’s available water capacity.

During those upgrades, the water pressure for the town will drop below 20 Psi (pounds per square inch). Under provincial laws, an advisory must be declared, regardless of the reason for the pressure drop. The advisory is just a precautionary move and is different from a more serious boil water order.

During the advisory, there will be period where water is unavailable or at a lower pressure. Residents are asked to boil all water used in food and beverage for consumption for two minutes. As well, water customers are asked please minimize unnecessary water use starting May 20. That includes car washing, laundry or dishes.