New Learning Centre opens near Brookdale



MBFI Media Release

Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives (MBFI) has officially opened a new Learning Centre at its Brookdale Farm.

The state of the art facility, which was unveiled on Tuesday, Aug. 21, will be a critical piece of three MBFI research and demonstration sites at Brookdale Farm, First Street Pasture and Johnson Farm. The new MBFI Learning Centre will allow Manitoba and Western Canada agricultural producers and the general public to learn with and from producers, researchers, experts on the subjects of forage and livestock production and innovation.

“The MBFI Learning Center will act as a hub to host and create opportunities for producers, students and the general public to gather, learn and network,” says Ramona Blyth, MBFI president. “We now have the ability to provide a comfortable learning environment in the MBFI Learning Centre that can be paired with hands-on learning from MBFI researchers in our fields to represent a valuable experiential experience for visitors to MBFI.”

2,200 sq ft classroom

The new facility includes a 2,200-square-foot classroom, internet access and audiovisual equipment for distance learning, and a food preparation area. Offices and an interpretive gallery are to be added at a later date.

The $500,000 project was built with a combination of federal and provincial government funding through the Growing Forward 2 program and private-sector contributions that have positioned MBFI for bright days ahead.

“MBFI is a partnership we are all proud of and the addition of the MBFI Learning Centre is a great representation of the potential and success of our partnership,” says Blyth. “However, without the generous support of Agriculture and AgriFood Canada and Manitoba Agriculture as well as private funders like Federated Cooperatives Ltd, Manitoba Zero Till Research Association, Farm Credit Canada, DLF Pickseed and others, we would not be here today. We are grateful to all our supporters and funders for their role in bringing us to this excellent position.”