Neepawa Banner & Press “Doing it right”


By Banner Staff

Neepawa Banner & Press

Kevin Slimp is an internationally renowned newspaper consultant and industry commentator, whose work takes him across North American to speak at conventions and work with papers one-on-one.  Recently, he was asked to compile a list of five papers doing things right and among this short list is the Neepawa Banner & Press.

“I could have included papers I’ve visited over the past year in Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona and other places, but I decided five was all that would fit in this space, so here is my 2018 ‘Doing things right’ list,” opens Slimp in the column, which was also published on his website,

The Banner & Press is the only Canadian paper to the list, which also includes the The Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal, in eastern Virginia, the Madelia Times Messenger, in Minnesota, the The Standard Banner, in Jefferson City, Missouri and the Kanabec Group, in Minnesota.

About the Banner & Press, Slimp has this to say:

“My list couldn’t be complete without mentioning The Neepawa Banner & Press  in   Neepawa, Manitoba.  Over the past few years, I’ve come to really appreciate the work Ken Waddell and his staff do in Manitoba.

I’ve never seen Ken without his brown brimmed hat and a smile on his face. His enthusiasm spreads throughout his newspaper and it shows.

I’ve met with his staff multiple times to look at their papers, discuss strategy, and plan new ventures. The newspaper has great designers, editors and writers who care about their community.

Ask Ken about his secret, and the answer is always the same. ‘We keep it local.’

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear from Ken or Kate Jackman-Atkinson, Banner & Press editor, with ideas to discuss.

No wonder readers love their paper.”