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Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke and Premier Brian Pallister posing with members of the Acadia and Baker Colonies in connection to tribute to 100 years of Hutterite Colonies in Manitoba.


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On Monday, June 4, Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke made the following private members statement, regarding the 100th year of Hutterite Colonies in Manitoba.

“Madame Speaker, it is with great pride that I have the opportunity today to recognize the 100th year of Hutterite Colonies of Manitoba. It was June 1918 that six colonies migrated from the Dakota Territory to Manitoba. James Valley, Maxwell, Huron, Milltown, Bon Homme and Rosedale were established and today there are 118 colonies throughout our province.

Originating in Austria in the 16th Century,  Jakob Hutter developed a communal form of living based on the New Testament books of Acts the Apostle, which was distinct from other Anabaptists. It was during the First World War that Manitoba became a home for Hutterites, who chose to abandon their American colonies in order to remain pacifists.   

Over the past 100 years Hutterites traditionally have owned and operated large amounts of land as well as hog, dairy, turkey, chicken and egg productions.  In more recent years they have ventured into the manufacturing sector. Examples in Agassiz Constituency of their successes can be seen at Acadia Colony (Carberry) with Community Truss Ltd., and Baker Colony (MacGregor) with Better Air Manufacturing. Hutterites are well known and respected for their compassion and generosity to anyone in need.

I would like to acknowledge the significant and supportive role Hutterite women have within their colonies with their exemplary gardening, baking and sewing skills. I always look forward to visiting my lifelong friends at Riverdale Colony for serenity, support and a cup of coffee.

I’d like to recognize the late Selma Maendel (Fairholme) who was the first Hutterite to be inducted into the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame for her many contributions to agriculture in Manitoba.

On behalf of this legislature, I want to congratulate all Hutterite Colonies in Manitoba for 100 years of being generous neighbors and good stewards of the land; you are an inspiration to all.”

The followingHutterite colonies are located in the Agassiz Constituency: Riverdale, Riverside,   Riverbend, Springhill, Grass River, Rolling Acres, Twilight, Emerald, Parkview, Pine Creek, Delta, Hidden Valley, Acadia, Westroc, Bloomfield, Baker, Cascade and Aspenheim.


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Submitted Photos

Above left: Clarke makes a presentation to Bishop Arnold Hofer of Acadia Colony. Above right: The presentation to Reverend Ben Maendel of the Baker Colony.