Local author ready for book launch


By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

One of western Manitoba’s most intriguing new authors is showcasing her debut work of fiction in Neepawa. On Wednesday, Apr. 18., the Neepawa Public Library will serve as host for the formal book launch of LenoraBuffi’s new novel, Vista.  

Vista is about a young violin prodigy who is haunted by dreams of a woman living in the nineteenth century. Years after the dreams stop, she experiences an intense vision in the middle of a concert. What follows is a riveting mystery from the casinos of Reno, Nevada to the heart of the Yucatan jungle. This fascinating premise is anchored by parallel timelines, one set in the late 1800s and the other in modern times. 

As for the evening’s festivities, the first part will involve a meet and greet session with the author and the general public. From there, it will then shift to Buffi reading excerpts from each of the book’s parallel timelines. Buffi said that while it will not be a long presentation, it will serve as a very good introduction to the novel’s world. 

Buffi has dedicated the book to her father, who passed away in 2016 and had encouraged her to pursue her passion for words. She hopes others will also feel encouraged by her story.

“In fact, I’ve had one lady actually come to me and say ‘This really inspired her to dig out an old project she had started writing about her family and her grandfather. So it was really heartwarming to hear the effect that it had on her,” said Buffi. “I hope that this connects with people on a deeper level. I think a good book should be more than just entertainment. It should offer something to the reader that they can take with them.” 

The book launch is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Apr. 18 at the Neepawa Public Library. The public is asked to use the side door facing towards the Neepawa Nursery School. Buffi and her husband are initially from Plumas