Looking Back - 2007: 11-year-old one of Canada’s most powerful women


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(Pictured) Hannah Taylor at the Neepawa Lily Festival in 2004. Three years later, the Winnipeg youth, who has ties to Neepawa, was named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women, by the Women’s Executive Network.

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80 years ago
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
The latest in the heating line is an automatic stove that burns sawdust. Although they are quite common in sawmill districts elsewhere, very few around here have ever seen one in operation. A farmer northwest of here sets them up and he has purchased a great quantity of sawdust at the sawmills in Riding Mountain with which he will supply the stoves he has installed.

70 years ago
Thursday, November 27, 1947
With H. B. Smith as president and George Rey, George Vivian and Martin O’Day as directors, the Neepawa Flying Club has now been formed, and it is one of their aims to obtain their own aircraft for instructional purposes. Negotiations are being made with the Department of Transport to obtain permission to use the local airfield and the use of a hangar. At present there are 28 members comprising of both men and women who wish to learn how to fly. It’s possible for them to obtain their private pilots license, transport license and commercial license through the club.

60 years ago
Friday, November 29, 1957
The water safety service of the Red Cross asks parents to warn their children against the dangers of playing on the ice now formed on lakes and rivers. W. A. LeBlanc, director of Red Cross Water Safety advises the best rule is to keep off the ice, but children should be reminded of ice rescue methods.

50 years ago
Tuesday, November 28, 1967
A rifle has been seized by police and a high school student has admitted to being responsible for the damage caused by shooting at the Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute on the weekend. A total of five rifle shots were fired at the north side of the collegiate between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Sunday, causing extensive damage to windows and other portions of the school.

40 years ago
Thursday, November 29, 1977
Santa Claus Parade chairman, Carl Brenner, said Monday that things are looking good for the Santa Claus Parade. He said that there are already 36 confirmed floats and hopefully more to come. The Chamber of Commerce has made special arrangements for two showings at the Roxy Theatre to accommodate what they expect will be a stampede of youngsters who want to visit Santa and take in the free show.

30 years ago
Wednesday, November 25, 1987
In the last year, the Touchwood Park Association received over $5,000 from the Neepawa and district United Way. The money Touchwood received was applied to local services and training programs for the mentally handicapped residing in Neepawa and surrounding communities. The Touchwood Park Association is responsible for the sponsorship and administration of several programs which are essential to each individuals residential, educational, developmental and recreational needs.

20 years ago
Monday, November 24, 1997
Two participants in the Canada World Youth Exchange program skipped town last Sunday in an apparent attempt to avoid returning to their native Cuba. Canada World Youth project leader Shane Barnabe said the disappearance of Carlos Alberto and Zucell Martinez caught everyone by surprise. “They just decided they didn’t want to be a part of the program anymore,” said Barnabe. “We have no idea where they are.” Their three month visas permitting them to stay in Canada expires at the end of November, and spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Canada said they cannot apply for landed immigrant status. The disappearance of Alberto and Martinez left some of the program participants surprised and shaken. “When you spend three months with someone you build some kind of relationship,” said Kirenia Sanz Tellez, “but we didn’t know anything.” Sanz Tellez said other participants believe the two are romantically involved.

10 years ago
Monday, November 26, 2007
An eleven year old girl with ties to Neepawa has been named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women for 2007 by the Women’s Executive Network. Hannah Taylor of Winnipeg - grand daughter of Jack and Lorna McDougall of Neepawa - was named a future leader. The award is given to exceptional young women aged 30 and under who have distinguished themselves early in their careers, and who show tremendous potential to continue making their mark for years to come. Taylor’s Ladybug Foundation has already raised over $1 million to help the hungry and homeless.