WE Day with NACI


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WE Day Manitoba took place Oct. 25 at Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg. It was an exciting day of music, entertainment, education and change. This year’s line up included Eli Brown, Panicland, George Takei and many more.

The WE Movement is a large foundation focused on making the world a better place through the improvement of individual action in a large scale setting. The operation allows schools around the world join them as a WE school through a four step program. The program motivates students to explore topics related to realistic challenges and come up with a plan to incite the change. WE movement gives the students the tools and opportunity to implement the plan that they designed,  then record the results and celebrate the success.

NACI’s social justice group HOPE (Helping Our World Pursue Equality) attended WE Day. This event took place in two parts, the Night of Inspiration and the official WE Day event. The Night of Inspiration was a private invite only affair taking place the night before the full scale WE Day celebration. That night was an opportunity for a select few (including four of our own NACI students) to experience some of what was to come the next day, but on a smaller more personal scale. The four students who were given the opportunity to attend this event were Allison Byram, Siri Freeman, Taylor Johnson, and Kailyn Hanke. One of the students attending WE Day said, “It was really cool to see what the other students had done in terms of fundraising.” Overall the favourite speaker for WE Day of the Neepawas participants was George Takei, with his recollection of his time in a WWII internment camp and the struggles he went through during that time in his life. The global program creates “WE villages” which are in essence communities in impoverished countries that the WE movement supports by supplying education, clean water, health care and food. The hope for  the program is to develop sustainability in the communities, allowing for a consistent increase in quality of life for third world citizens. The WE movement is a step in the right direction for global improvement.

NACI also participated in the WE Scare Hunger event this October collecting 2,200lbs of food for the campaign. The donated food went to the Neepawa Salvation Army food bank.  This year went very smoothly as the group from NACI collected and sorted all of the donations in one night. One student said, “The event made me feel good and connected with our community.” The students went door to door on Halloween collecting non perishable donations instead of collecting candy. It gave the students the chance to really get involved with the needs of the Neepawa area.