Neepawa gun show continues to grow


Eoin Devereux

The Neepawa Banner

The latest round of the Neepawa Wildlife Association’s (NWA) Gun and Collectibles Show was an overwhelming success. The event, held on Saturday, May 13 at the Yellowhead Arena, featured 32 total exhibitors, including booths for both business vendors and local service organizations. The vendors showcased a massive variety of rifles and air pistols. As well, a wide array of hunting peripherals, fishing and camping equipment were also connected to the day. 


Coordinator Harris Lowe said having such a tremendous hunting culture within the region ensured that the show would be a huge hit. 

“There’s a long history of people hunting, fishing, shooting and that translates to a lot of interest in an event like this,” said Lowe. “Last year, there were about 26 exhibitors who participated. For this year, our numbers for exhibitors and tables were up. As well, the paid attendance was higher. After the day was done, many of the vendors indicated that they were very happy with the number of customers they saw coming through the door and that they would come back next year.”

As for changes to the event in 2018, Lowe noted that many exhibitors suggested that a slight adjustment to the date of the show might be a positive.

“They thought that if we made any changes in the future, the first one should be shifting the show to the first weekend of May. The reasoning behind that is that the schedule for these types of shows can get a bit congested during the summer. There seems to be something going on every weekend. A move to the first week of May could give some exhibitors, who had indicated interest but were unable to attend, the ability to attend,” Lowe said. “As well, changing the date could ensure we avoid a conflict with the first day of fishing. (Manitoba’s angling season opened on Monday, May 8.) There were a few people who thought that moving the date forward could get a few more people attending instead of being out at the lake.”

With the 2017 show now history, Lowe thanked many local businesses and individuals for their support for both the show and raffle. As for the proceeds from the event, they will go towards the Neepawa Junior Rifle Club.