Movie star to perform in McCreary



By Sheila Runions

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Following a very successful show in Gladstone earlier this year, Jason Scott is bringing his show back to the area, this time, to McCreary. Jason Scott lives in the southeastern Kootenay Mountains of B.C. He was born in Toronto and at age five, he entered The Conservatory of Music. At age 15 he graduated, with first degree honours, which means he had the same level of training as did his teachers! The teen then completed high school and for 20 years after that, he extensively toured across Canada as a lead singer for night club, cover and original concert bands. In the 1980s and 1990s Jason was a record label-signed writer and performer. During those years, he attended L.A. Radio Works and graduated first in his class, with honours as a CRTC licensed broadcaster. Since 1997, after finding and realizing the voice of acclaimed singer and songwriter Neil Diamond, Jason has been performing Diamond Forever: A Celebration Of Neil Diamond across Canada, United States and Mexico. On Saturday, April 29, he will bring his performance to McCreary Legion Hall.

But this biography sounds like a musician, not a movie star. So how does he hold that title as well?

“I was chosen to be part of the cast for a world release feature-length motion picture documentary called Diamond Mountain, currently in post-production preparing for documentary channels and video release. This was filmed in British Columbia, United States, England, Ireland, Australia and Santiago, Chili. I am the only Canadian “Neil” performance artist chosen to be part of this film’s 14 artist multi-national cast! In April 2016 all cast walked the red carpet, screened Diamond Mountain and performed a multi-cast concert, joined by five actual members of Neil Diamond’s band on the Showroom stage at the Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas!”

Besides this outstanding credit, Jason has received many awards for his impersonation of the American musician, who happens to be one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, selling more than 120 million records worldwide since his career began in the 1960s. Neil is the second most successful artist in the history of Billboard Top 10 charts (adult contemporary). In September 2010, Jason was awarded The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Tribute Artists Best Platinum Showcase Award. In February 2011 he won second place at the second annual Las Vegas Tribute Idol competition.  A year later, he was nominated for a Reel Award; these are considered the Oscars of the tribute and impersonator industry. Not only was Jason nominated for an award, he was also asked to perform at the February 2012 awards show ceremony, where he ultimately received a Reel Award in the pop and rock category. Diamond Forever: A Celebration of Neil Diamond has been twice nominated for The Bea Fogelman Award.

Diamond Forever is said to be an exciting, must-see evening’s entertainment event. It’s enhanced by background stories, humour, authentic costuming, studio-recorded audio tracks and incredibly realistic “spot on” vocals. It’s a highly audience-interactive show that creates a sight and sound experience that transports delighted Neil Diamond fans, old and young, down memory lane.

Not only is Jason credited as an amazing tribute artist, he is amazingly supportive of Royal Canadian Legions. 

“My grandfather fought in four wars and thankfully, died an old man in Toronto. He fought from the backs of horses to the backs of tanks. In the Vietnam days I wanted to join the armed forces but my eyesight wasn’t good enough; I had Coke bottle glasses then and I wear contacts for my show. I decided music would be the way I would serve. I make it pretty easy for a Legion to put on a show like mine. I carry almost all of the load and work for the door sales only. I don’t allow Legions to take the hit if it’s a bad show; I carry the responsibility because Legions need the help. That’s why it’s critical that people come to the show. It’s funny, cutting edge and crowd-engaging; I’m in the audience as much as I’m on stage. It’s a big huge Neil Diamond party and everybody has a blast. Although the show is a tribute, I don’t consider it an impersonation but a big celebration. It becomes huge fun. The two-hour non-stop show includes an encore and then a 20- to 30-minute meet and greet when I’ll pose for photographs or autograph the CDs if they buy. I hire professional sound and tech guys, so we make a very nice, rich, warm sound. It is presentation quality-loud, but not rip your face off loud; it’s a very warm sound.”