Fluoride and festivals on Neepawa Council to-do list


By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner/Neepawa Press

The Town of Neepawa is examining whether it should continue to add fluoride to its water. A presentation was made to council on Tuesday, Jan. 19 by wastewater supervisor Howard Buffi, outlining the impact the fluoridation program has had on the system. 

The addition of fluoride to tap water has been common in communities across North America for many years as a means to help prevent dental issues such as tooth decay. Recently however, many municipalities have started reexamining use of the compound in their water supply, as some new research has suggested the practice may not be as beneficial as first thought.

During his presentation, Buffi outlined a number of issues with the fluoridation program such as cost increases and the undiluted chemical compound actually being damaging to the lines. Councilor Bill Stilwell suggested further information was needed, specifically from a doctor, who may be able to discuss the medical benefits. Mayor Adrian de Groot agreed that both sides of the issue need to be brought forward before an informed decision could be made. The desire of council is that a recommendation on the use of fluoride in the water will be presented before they present the 2016 town budget.

New festival suggested

Town council has heard from a delegation hoping to see the creation of a new regional festival. Clara Boyle and Sylvie Tominiko suggested the concept of having a ‘Festival Week,’ in which different groups/organizations in town prepare activities to deliver on a certain day. They added that any funds raised by the group are kept by the organization. Boyle, who is originally from Nova Scotia, said that her hometown of Inverness has done this style of festival for an extended period and it’s been very well received.

Councillor Jim Cockburn noted that a week of activity might be difficult to organize among several groups and that a trial run of a day or two with the concept might be more realistic. Council suggested that the delegation contact local community organizations and gauge the level of interest that might be out there in this plan.

New promotional video

The Town of Neepawa has added a new promotional video to its website. The 4:21 minute video was shot in and around Neepawa and highlights some of the benefits of the community.  The video can be seen on the Town of Neepawa website.