Washroom facility opens at Flats in Neepawa



The washroom facility located at the Flats in Neepawa has officially opened.

The facility, which opened mid-December, is Neepawa's only stand-alone public washroom situated close to downtown.

"It is located on the same piece of property as the soccer pitches and the outdoor rink so the facility also serves as a change room for soccer and football players in spring, summer, and fall months and a place for skaters to put on skates and warm up during winter months," said Amanda Cathcart, leisure services manager in Neepawa in a release.

The facility is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  

The Flats washroom/change room project was made possible due to financial contributions from several partners, including the Leisure Service Department's annual Sports Dinner fundraiser, which took place last November.

Cross-country ski trail made

Neepawa Leisure Services, the Prairie Mountain Snow Drifters and the Neepawa Golf and Country Club groomed a cross-country ski trail at the Neepawa Golf and Country Club.  

“We had an agreement in place last year (with the snow drifters and the golf course) to groom the trail, but we didn’t get enough snow for a decent base," said Cathcart. “This year, with the ample amount of snow and excellent skiing conditions, residents can take advantage of the newly-groomed trail and the beautiful scenery at at the golf course.”