Boxing Club in Neepawa to add wrestling class soon


By: Lanny Stewart

The recently opened boxing club in Neepawa will be adding a new class to its repertoire at some point in the near future. 

The club, which is called, "Boxe Neepawa: Combat Sports Club" will soon have wrestling classes, says founder Derek Pearson. 

Pearson, who is known for having a mixed martial arts background as well as boxing, says the club has a 12-by-24 foot area that will offer some wrestling and grappling classes. He says wrestling will be the first class that will be offered, however he does want to offer judo and taekwondo classes sometime down the road as well.

"I want this club to eventually be a combat sports club," said Pearson. "I want to be able to offer all the Olympic combat sports."

The club, which opened Feb. 1, has approximately 30 members in total who attend boxing classes regularly. Pearson projects that more members will join after hockey season wraps up. 

"I've gotten a lot of interest," said Pearson. "Most people have expressed that once hockey season is over, they'd have a lot more time for themselves and for their kids.

"This whole thing is bigger than I planned for it to be," he continued.

The club is open Monday to Thursday, with youth classes beginning at 6 p.m., while adult classes get underway at 7 p.m.

Pearson says the gym is usually open on Saturdays. There are no classes taking place, but the gym can be used to workout. 

Pearson also noted that he's interested in fundraising opportunities and would like to offer a "Classic Fight Night" to members of the club. The evening would include watching classic pro boxing matches and a chance to break down fight techniques and gameplans. 

In photo: An inside look at the boxing club in Neepawa. 

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