Manitoba votes 2019 - Riding Mountain


The Neepawa Banner & Press has asked the area’s candidates their thoughts on several significant topics impacting their constituency. In the Aug. 30 edition of the paper, we featured Agassiz and Riding Mountain constituencies. Due to space constraints in the hard copy paper, some of the candidates' responses had to be condensed. Here, you can find the full responses from two of the Riding Mountain candidates. The Liberal candidate, Jordan Fleury, was not able to get a response in before the print deadline. If it does come in time, it will be included in the Sept. 6 edition and added to this page.

What we asked the candidates:

1. What was the specific issue that inspired you to put your name on the ballot?

2. Why do you want to represent this constituency? And why do you want to represent your party?

3. What do you think is the biggest issue facing your constituency?

4. We’re teaching kids, are we teaching them what they need to know to be functioning members of society?

5. Manitoba is a diverse population, yet some groups (LGBTQ+, First Nations, immigrants, etc.) aren’t discussed. Do you think more focus needs to be put on education that is more inclusive of our province’s citizens?

6. How do you see rural health services changing over the next decade?

7. The perception in many rural communities is that they are left out when it comes to development. How do you define rural development and how would you support it?

8. What role can the province play in helping to address the rising cost of living facing those from the middle class down?


 Wayne Chacun


About the candidate: Born and raised in Virden, MB. For the past 23 years, I have worked in Virden as a paramedic; prior to that, I was a small business owner (restaurant).

Responses: 1. There are a multitude of issues and concerns that influenced my decision to let my name stand for election. Among them are cuts to health care and education, cuts to the infrastructure budget, which has caused there to be unfilled highways positions and roads in disrepair, and the lack of concern by Brian Pallister around the meth crisis. Regardless of where you live in Manitoba, you should be able to vote for someone who shares your values and who will stand up for the things that matter most – healthcare, education, good jobs. The people of Westman deserve to have a choice on election day – four more years of cuts and chaos or a government that works for all of us.

2. Virden is where I was born and have lived my entire life, so I understand what rural life is like. My hometown was part of the constituency of Arthur Virden, but all that changed for this election and now we're part of Riding Mountain. As a paramedic, I frequently work in Birtle, Hamiota and Shoal Lake, so I know this area and its people. 

I have been a member of the NDP for close to 25 years. The party's values are the same values that I was raised with: equality, fairness, helping others, treating people fairly and valuing hard work.

3. Our rural populations are shrinking and I’d like to see new industry in the area so that new families can settle in and build a good life. Government policy should be encouraging growth in all areas of our province.

4. Children learn in many ways. The first and most important lessons start at home from their family. Schools are another integral key to helping children grow into healthy adults.  The Manitoba NDP believe in ensuring that our schools have the resources needed to provide a complete education to children and that families have the support to be able to raise their child to be contributing members of society. The current cuts to the education budget and to Child and Family Services have put Manitoba’s children at risk. 

5. Rural Manitoba has become more diverse since I was a child and that is a great thing. Education should reflect the diversity of our great province.

6. As a paramedic, I've seen huge changes in rural healthcare over the years and it will continue to change in the future. I have advocated for many changes and improvements to the rural Emergency Medical System in the province. Any changes that happen in the future must ensure that rural Manitobans have access to quality health care and services.

7. Government policy should support rural development. Having lived in Virden my entire life, I understand the challenges and opportunities facing rural families and businesses. Rural Communities are sometimes left out and left behind when it comes to development. Development means encouraging the growth of the rural communities' economy by supporting their local livelihood, supporting families and engaging them in community projects that will open more jobs and provide important services like health care for residents of rural Manitoba.

8. The NDP is currently the best party to address the rising cost of living for the middle class down, whereas Brian Pallister is more concerned with helping those who already have a lot. We will implement a new Rent Assist strategy, first time home buyers will save $1,000 on land transfer, we will ensure childcare has proper funding, stop privatizing government and health care services and offer two hours of free parking at hospitals to attend appointments and visit loved ones. And we will keep Manitoba Hydro and MPI public, keeping rates affordable.



online-Greg-NesbittGreg Nesbitt

PC Party

About the candidate: Has lived in Shoal Lake since 1968. Currently working in Business Investments; previously owned and published two community newspapers for 40 years.


1. No specific issue. I want to continue the work of making Manitoba better for all citizens.

2. I was first elected as the MLA for Riding Mountain in April 2016. I am seeking a second term as a member of the PC Team because I believe in what the Progressive Conservative Party stands for. We believe in a strong private sector, along with smaller government, but also believe we need to give all Manitobans a hand up to be the best they can be.

3. Health care and education are top of mind. Rural residents deserve access to primary health care close to home. We need to ensure our young people are receiving the best possible education in our rural schools so they are prepared for post-secondary studies or the work force.

4. Our recent Education Review that asked for opinions of educators, parents and even students asked that exact question. I believe in asking for the opinions of grassroots, frontline people and I am looking forward to the results of the review early next year.

5. Education is the way forward in the world and everyone is entitled to have the very best chance at learning the skills they need in life. Our government recognizes the diversity of our province and believes everyone is a Manitoban.

6. Primary rural health care close to home is extremely important. Our government believes in asking experts and those in the field for their advice. The results of Provincial Clinical Preventative Services Plan, which is looking at all aspects of health care in rural Manitoba, is expected to be in the hands of the Minister later this year. The goal of this plan is to ensure health services are positioned where they need to be throughout the province.

7. Rural development is best supported by removing red tape for businesses, and creating a tax climate where it makes sense to set up or expand a business in Manitoba. Our party plans to do exactly that and create 40,000 new private sector jobs over the next four years.

8. Our Tax Rollback Guarantee will make life more affordable, with the average Manitoban saving $2,020 over the next four years by reversing NDP tax hikes. We have reduced the PST by one point and will remove PST entirely from home insurance, hair cuts, nail treatments, tax and will preparation. Vehicle registration fees increased by the NDP will also be rolled back. Over the past three years, we have indexed personal income tax brackets and increased the basic personal exemption to put more money on a citizen’s kitchen table.