Council clip - Nov. 19, 2017



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Council clips RM of Oakview, Nov. 7: The burn site at the Ward 3 landfill is to be cleaned out and hauled to the Ward 2 dump. CAO Diane Kuculym reported on a meeting she had with a Manitoba Waste Management; a meeting will be held to discuss improvements to Rapid City’s landfill site, as per Sustainable Development’s letter.

Councillor Gavin Reynolds reported on Rapid City utility; some work had to be done on the lift station and the water plant needed a new part. Public works supervisor Mel Alex updated Council regarding: the completed culvert/road upgrade; work done by Manitoba Infrastructure; access roads which have to be maintained by the municipality; culverts that should be replaced next year; road repairs and capital expenditures that should be considered in the 2018 budget. It was noted that Manitoba Infrastructure is going to maintain PR 270 and 355 in the former RM of Saskatchewan; Oakview will assist with maintenance only when requested.

Council appointed the following representatives for 2017-2018: legislative and finance, reeve Brent Fortune, councillors Kaye Wolstenholme and Neil Wilson; Policy/procedure, Wolstenholme, Wilson, Councillor Mark Gill; personnel, councillors Ken Hyndman, Walter Froese and Gavin Reynolds; RCMP advisory, Stephen Carter; Rapid City fire, Hyndman, Wilson; Oak River fire, Gill; emergency measures, Fortune (Hamiota), Wolstenholme (Rivers); roads/bridges/drainage, Wilson, Hyndman (Ward 1), Wolstenholme, Reynolds (Ward 2) Froese, Fortune (Ward 3); machinery/buildings, Reynolds, Hyndman (Wards 1 and 2), Froese and Gill; waste/recycling, Hyndman, Gill, Reynolds; Rapid City Cemetery, Ron Burnell; Park Residence, Jean Fortune; Minnedosa Hospital Foundation, Cindy Ruddick, Fortune, Wilson; Hamiota Hospital Foundation, Fortune, Alycia Chuckrey; Riverdale Hospital, Dick Heapy; Midwest Planning District, Fortune, Wolstenholme; Midwest Weed Board, Froese, Wolstenholme; Shoal Lake Vet, Fortune; Minnedosa Vet, Ewan Common; Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District, Wolstenholme; Community Development Corporation, Fortune, Hyndman; Brandon & Area Community Foundation, Hyndman; Midwest Recreation, Fortune, Reynolds; Rolling Dale Enterprises, Ted Rudneski; Newdale Hall, Fortune; Rapid City Library, Wilson, Donna Anderson, Raeleen Vassart, Daryl Andrew, Vera Kolesar; Clack Museum, Jim Brown; Senior Services, Burnell, Rudneski; Rapid City Legion Gardens, Burnell; Oak River utility, Gill; Rapid City utility, Wilson, Reynolds; deputy reeve, Wolstenholme.

A bylaw to ensure the installation, maintenance and legibility of civic address signs in Oakview passed third reading. Reynolds informed Council that restoration companies have been contracted and work at Rapid City rink is to be completed by the end of November so it can be used by Dec. 1; kitchen equipment is to be delivered very soon. Council authorized University of Manitoba and Manitoba Libraries Consortium to digitize and place online for public viewing/use Cardale’s reunion book, Foot Prints and Chalk Dust as well as History of Blanshard books, Volume 3 and Volume 4, as per their request.

A request has been received to close the turn lane from Third Avenue to First Street in Rapid City to allow for homeowner privacy and security; council authorized staff to close the lane and move the no exit sign. A request for a dog park in Rapid City was deferred to LUD of Rapid City at this time. Council will host an appreciation evening to thank all employees, LUDs of Oak River and Rapid City, both fire department members and spouses/partners at Rapid City Legion Hall on Sunday, Dec. 10; Rapid City Lions will be asked to tend bar that evening.

Finances: School levies were paid to Public Schools Finance Board, $597,712.69; Park West, $141,760.21; Rolling River, $1,586,316.06. The minister's statutory levy of $52,216 was paid. Newdale Hall Committee was paid its levy of $6,301.09. Levies for fire agreements were paid to Harrison-Park, $7,535; Yellowhead, $3,000; Minnedosa, $8,800. The debenture debt to Minister of Finance for $21,391.61 (Rapid City water pipeline) and $15,626.64 (Oak River utility deficit) will be paid next month. A MTCML rebate of $9,215.53 was received. Accounts of $214,864.63 and unpaid invoices of $64,778.15 were passed for payment. The next meeting is Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.