New legislation for Conservation officers

Submitted Article

The Government of Manitoba

Last month, the provincial  government introduced legislation that would formally recognize conservation officers as law enforcement officers with the powers of peace officers.

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View from the legislature

By Leanne Rowat

     Riding Mountain MLA

The throne speech from the NDP government which opened the fall session of the Manitoba legislature on Nov. 20 was a disappointment.It lacked both content and commitment.

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Inky Mark to run

By Inky Mark

Submitted Article

Since retiring from politics in September of 2010, the phone has not stopped ringing.

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The end of another year

By Dianne Kowalchuk


Women’s Institute (WI) is an organization that promotes lifelong learning to improve the lives of women and their families. Rivers WI has been doing this worthwhile work since 1949, and the members proudly continue.

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Wildlife a risk factor on roadways

By Tara Seel

      Media Relations Officer

During the fall season, not only are road conditions changing, nightfall is coming earlier and wildlife is very active. Many species of wildlife are migrating and mating at this time of year, which means they will encounter roadways more frequently, increasing the risk of a collision with a motor vehicle.

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