Do organizations believe issues will go away if ignored?

It has been more than a month since I contacted Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) (Manitoba's main farm lobby group) to comment on my story, Is agriculture’s toxic hold turning into a death grip, printed in Rivers Banner on Aug. 15. I reported on new research showing that insecticides, widely used on crops in this province and elsewhere, were associated with declines in populations of birds which eat insects. The chemicals, members of the "neonicotinoid" family, are the same ones which have for some time, also been linked to large and significant declines in populations of pollinators, especially honeybees. The vast majority of conventional farmers, many of whom are believed to belong to KAP, sow seeds treated with "neonics," described as the most widely-used insecticide in the world.

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Chimo Beach and Wheatland: wake up!

Al Harvie

Wheatland, Man.

Sitting in a meeting with members of the RM of Daly council, I realized I could have been sitting in on a council meeting of 100 years ago. Local businessmen and farmers, probably in about the same mix now as in 1914, doing their best for their community.

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Please use your voice

Al Harvie,


I’m constantly amazed at the lack of interest people show when it involves their own community, and I can be just as guilty as anyone.

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It’s a bumpy ride

Jessie Bell

Rivers, Man.

Those who would like a bumpy ride should drive over some local parking lots and back lanes. After a wheel hits the first pothole, speed is immediately reduced, only to get ready for the next hole.


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Waddell: It’s only a matter of time

By: Ken Waddell

The garbage dump at the City of Iqaluit is on fire and it’s reportedly going to cost millions to extinguish. That’s not surprising as the dump is quite large and obviously very remote. The city is waiting to see if some other level of government is willing to pay to put out the fire.

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