Please use your voice

Al Harvie,


I’m constantly amazed at the lack of interest people show when it involves their own community, and I can be just as guilty as anyone.

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It’s a bumpy ride

Jessie Bell

Rivers, Man.

Those who would like a bumpy ride should drive over some local parking lots and back lanes. After a wheel hits the first pothole, speed is immediately reduced, only to get ready for the next hole.


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Waddell: It’s only a matter of time

By: Ken Waddell

The garbage dump at the City of Iqaluit is on fire and it’s reportedly going to cost millions to extinguish. That’s not surprising as the dump is quite large and obviously very remote. The city is waiting to see if some other level of government is willing to pay to put out the fire.

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Jackman-Atkinson: Racing into fall

By: Kate Jackman-Atkinson

We’re only just into August and summer is still in full swing, as we try to get the most out of the short season.  But across the region, some people have already turned their attention to the fall. For those interested in government, this fall will be an exciting time.

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Friesen: Old dogs and children

By: Rita Friesen

I paused to speak with a couple of gardeners who were admiring the plantations in the yard of their home. A late afternoon shower had dampened the topsoil, but there had not been enough rain to wet the earth beneath the trees.

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