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  1. Danny Williams: Voters 'can't trust' Harper on TPP
    Former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams is once again asking voters to choose anyone but Conservatives in the federal election.
  2. Conservative candidate calls homosexuality 'unnatural behaviour'
    A Conservative candidate in suburban Toronto is defending therapies that attempt to turn gays straight, having penned an editorial that referred to homosexuality as "unnatural behaviour" and heterosexuals as 'normal.'
  3. Montreal mayor defends sewage dump, says feds 'playing politics'
    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre accused Environment Canada of playing politics after it asked the city to suspend its plan to dump eight billion litres of untreated wastewater into the St. Lawrence.
  4. U.S. military 'deeply regrets' airstrike on Afghanistan hospital
    Defence Secretary Ash Carter says the Defence Department 'deeply regrets the loss of innocent lives' from a U.S. military airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan.
  5. Calgary family faces $220K in medical bills as refugee claim goes through the system
    A family from Colombia now living in Calgary is facing medical bills of more than $220,000 as they wait for their refugee claim to go through the system.
  6. RCMP seize 18-wheeler full of pot, LSD, magic mushrooms
    RCMP in Nova Scotia have seized a transport trailer carrying nearly 300 kilograms of marijuana and almost 20,000 tablets of LSD.
  7. Veterans say federal election campaign creating division among ex-soldiers
    An unprecedented political wedge is splitting the country's veterans, who are turning on each other in the countdown to the Oct. 19 vote in ways not seen in eight decades, say advocates and historians.
  8. Mohamed Fahmy is London-bound, before returning to Canada
    A Canadian journalist who fought terror-related charges in Egypt for nearly two years has finally begun his journey home.