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  1. Not enough sleep? Your brain may be paying the price: study
    Canadian brain scientists say they have the first good evidence that poor sleep quality might prevent the brain from being able to clear itself of toxins, by causing enlarged spaces in the brain.
  2. RCMP release full version of Zehaf Bibeau video
    Parliament Hill gunman Michael Zehaf Bibeau asks Allah to praise his actions and those of the mujahadeen in a newly released version of the video he recorded just before his attack last October.
  3. Cuba formally removed from U.S. terrorism blacklist
    The Obama administration on Friday formally removed Cuba from a U.S. terrorism blacklist as part of the process of normalizing relations between the Cold War foes.
  4. Family seeking liver for baby girl 'touched and overwhelmed' by response
    Delfina Budziak's family say responses have poured in from around the world, after they went public with an appeal for a liver donation that could save the 8-month-old girl's life.
  5. Project Naming: Public asked to ID unknown Inuit, aboriginals in 12,000 images
    Library and Archives Canada is expanding a project that's helped to identify thousands of photos of unknown Inuit people, places and activities. The third phase of Project Naming has been launched with the goal of identifying the subjects in at least 12,000 more images.
  6. Canada's economy contracted in first quarter: StatsCan
    The economy shifted into reverse over the first three months of the year as it contracted at an annual pace of 0.6 per cent amid the global oil slump, Statistics Canada said Friday.
  7. Justice Minister Peter MacKay won't seek re-election
    Justice Minister Peter MacKay won't be running in the next federal election, CTV News has confirmed.
  8. Quebec residents unfazed by streets named after Nazi sympathizers
    The discovery that several streets and parks in Quebec were named after historical figures who had links to the Nazis has sparked a campaign to get the streets renamed. But some residents say it just isn’t worth the hassle.