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  1. Man shot dead in West Virginia may have been serial killer
    A man toting axes, a shovel and bleach when he was killed by a female escort he met online had been stopped, interviewed or investigated by police in at least 20 states and is being looked into for possible links to unsolved disappearances or slayings of women around the U.S., authorities said Monday.
  2. Winnipeg police give father stern warning after 2 children left in hot car
    Winnipeg police gave a stern warning to a father after they were called to a parked car on Monday where witnesses say two young children were left unattended for more than 30 minutes in 29 C heat.
  3. Alberta appeal court judge Russell Brown named to Supreme Court of Canada
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Russell Brown as his latest appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  4. TransAlta timed power outages to drive up prices: Alberta commission
    TransAlta Corp. deliberately timed outages at power plants in Alberta at peak times in order to drive up electricity prices, the province's utilities commission said in a ruling Monday.
  5. As opposition questions Conservative claim of surplus, economy poll puts NDP on top
    On the same day opposition MPs questioned the government’s claims of a balanced budget, a new poll suggests the Conservatives may be losing their reputation as the best caretakers of the economy.
  6. Reservist's death at CFB Shilo may have been related to 'medical condition': Kenney
    The death of a Canadian soldier during a training exercise on a southern Manitoba base Saturday appears to be related to a 'medical condition,' according to Defence Minister Jason Kenney.
  7. Liberals who helped defeat Eve Adams say her loss will help Trudeau
    Liberals who helped defeat Eve Adams in her bid to run as the party's candidate in a Toronto riding say they've done Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a favour.
  8. Toronto's potential Olympic bid now easier with Boston out
    Boston's withdrawal from the race to host the 2024 Summer Olympics could make a potential Toronto bid "far more attractive," particularly if no other American city steps up to the plate, experts said Monday.