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  1. Man's best friend? Dog helps police bust master on drug charge
    Police in central Alabama say a man's own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge.
  2. Ottawa hoping for modest increase in immigration levels next year
    Canada is hoping to welcome more immigrants next year. The government will release its immigration plan for 2015 today, and it's expected to show an increase in overall numbers.
  3. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he needs more chemo, tumour not shrinking
    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says a cancerous tumour in his abdomen is not shrinking after two rounds of chemotherapy, and he will need another round.
  4. Canada's economy shrinks slightly after six months of gains
    Statistics Canada says the country's economic output fell slightly by 0.1 per cent in August, the first month to show a decline this year.
  5. Phantom phone call mystery from apartment without a land line
    A Vancouver woman went looking for answers after a 911 call was made from her apartment when she wasn't there – despite the fact that she doesn't even have a land line.
  6. Suspect in canoe getaway is son of Nova Scotia MLA
    The Nova Scotia man arrested after trying to flee the crime scene in a canoe earlier this week is the son of a provincial politician.
  7. CF-18s conduct missions, not airstrikes over Iraq
    Canadian warplanes have flown their first operational flights, but have yet to carry out strike missions against Islamic State targets.
  8. Sexual fantasies: Where do you fall on the 'normal' scale?
    Men have more sexual fantasies than women and like to describe them in more vivid detail, according to a new Canadian study that, for the first time, sought to define exactly what is atypical, or deviant.