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  1. 'My precious': Canadian user watched 'Lord of the Rings' 361 times on Netflix
    Netflix’s annual year-in-review report has revealed there are some truly bizarre – and dedicated – binge-watchers out there, including a Canadian who watched 'The Lord of the Rings' nearly every day for a year.
  2. CRA's new Postal Code Project targeting richest homeowners
    Canada has long had wealthy tax evaders who engage in “creative bookkeeping,” which is why the Canada Revenue Agency has launched a new initiative to crack down.
  3. LIVE UPDATES: Garnier tells Halifax murder trial off-duty cop asked him to choke her
    Christopher Garnier says Catherine Campbell coaxed him into choking her during sex play, and urged him to apply more pressure before she died.
  4. How hairdressers can help doctors spot skin cancer
    Hairdressers can offer a little-off-the-top trim or a fresh, new look, but new research shows they can do even more than that, spotting possibly life-threatening skin cancer that others might not even notice.
  5. Coyotes attack blind husky, owner fights them off with a bat
    A Cape Breton man is worried about increasingly aggressive coyotes in the area after a pair of them attacked his blind husky during a routine walk through the neighbourhood.
  6. Pipe bomb strapped to man explodes on NYC subway platform in 'attempted terrorist attack'
    A man with a pipe bomb strapped to him set off the crude device in the subway near Times Square on Monday, injuring the suspect and three other people at the height of the morning rush hour, law enforcement officials said.
  7. Voters in four ridings head to polls for federal byelections
    The Trudeau government will get a chance to test its popularity today with four federal byelections. The most heated race is the British Columbia riding of South Surrey-White Rock where the Liberals are making a concerted effort to steal the seat from the Conservatives.
  8. 'Why do they bully?': Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Avengers assemble for bullied boy
    Video of a young boy tearfully describing a bullying incident to his mother has gone viral, sparking an outpouring of positive messages from the likes of Justin Bieber, Luke Skywalker, Captain America and many others.