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  1. Certain antibiotics linked to increased risk of miscarriage, study confirms
    The use of certain kinds of common antibiotics early in a pregnancy appears to be linked to an increased risk of miscarriage, new Canadian research has confirmed.
  2. Hockey Quebec studying impact of body checking ban
    Hockey Quebec has long been at the forefront of cracking down on body checking among its younger players. Now, the organization is teaming up with scientists to make sure its safety efforts are paying off.
  3. Liberals outline plan for controversial parliamentary reform
    The Liberal government has proposed significant and controversial changes to Parliament, including something called the “Prime Minister’s Question Period,” where the prime minister will be obliged to attend question period one day a week and then answer all questions from all MPs, CTV News has learned.
  4. Canadian Ranger found dead after 4 hunters went missing in Alberta
    One of the four hunters who went missing in the northern Alberta wilderness last weekend was found dead on Sunday afternoon, according to Mikisew Cree First Nation Chief Steve Courtoreille.
  5. Trump warns North Korea's missiles will get better
    President Donald Trump said after North Korea's latest failed rocket launch that communist leader Kim Jong-Un will eventually develop better missiles, and "we can't allow it to happen."
  6. Search continues for Canadian woman missing in Belize
    A group of expats are searching along small roads, trails and in the bush of a town in Belize where a Canadian woman and her American boyfriend were reported missing, a friend said.
  7. Nunavut teacher crowdfunding to buy greenhouse for students
    A teacher in a remote Nunavut community is trying to buy and build a greenhouse in the hopes that he and his students can cut the sky-high costs of healthy eating in the North.
  8. Reconstruction effort 'really starting to motor' in Fort McMurray
    A long-delayed building boom in Fort McMurray is ramping up as homeowners, insurers, contractors, and officials in the Alberta city clear hurdles that hindered reconstruction after the devastating wildfire last May.