Observation: Back into a routine

By: Addy Oberlin

After recuperating a few days from a long trip via bus, plane and car, I am back into a routine. We traveled over mountains and through valleys and were able to attend my grandson’s wedding.

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Strohschein: To those who remain, thank you

By: Neil Strohschein

Seventy years ago today, 14,500 Canadian soldiers, supported by 100 ships and 10,000 sailors hit the shore of Juno Beach in central Normandy, France.

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Observation: May speeding along

By: Addy Oberlin

The month of May is speeding along. I spent most of this month visiting my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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Strohschein: Under construction

By: Neil Strohschein

As I write these words, workers from Nelson River Construction are working on the multi-million dollar renewal of Highway 5 from Eden north through Riding Mountain to the junction with Highway 261.

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