Observation on Easter

By: Addy Oberlin

Resurrection! Brought back to life. The trees and shrubs outside still look bare, but we know that soon they will come back to life.

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Strohschein: A Good Friday greeting

By: Neil Strohschein

How do you greet someone on Good Friday?

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Observation: Minds are hooked

By: Addy Oberlin

Our minds are hooked up to electronics. Most households have at least one computer and maybe an iPhone and an iPad.

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Strohschein: It’s time we listened

By: Neil Strohschein

As I write these words, final results of the Quebec provincial election are trickling in. In what observers have called a “stunning upset” the Parti Quebecois government lead by Pauline Marois has been defeated and the people of Quebec have given the Liberals, under new leader Philippe Couillard a majority government.

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Observation: Horror stories

By: Addy Oberlin

The last few weeks we heard some horror stories on the news. A plane is missing with more than 200 people on board; a mudslide kills about 100 people. There are countries that are threatened by an oppressor.

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