Weed notes - Mar 27

By Sid Lewis


Terry and I are really lucky because we have all our family within an hour from our home. Saying that, at times it is difficult to arrange a time when all of us are able to be together. Even though there are yet no grandchildren complicating affairs with extra activities, it still happens. March 13 the patriarch of the Lewis family turned 66 so on the 14th we were able to have everyone sit down for supper. Needless to say I was in my glory. While we four men were doing the “man thing” and watching the significant others do the dishes, we discussed our various careers. A common headache is the safety requirements both federal and provincial governments make us observe in our daily activities. Some rules we understand, others seem needless. 

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Weed notes - Mar. 20

By Sid Lewis


Around different areas of this district I have been asked, “Who wants the cosmetic spray ban?” In the package given to us by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, the answer given by them is, “A growing number of health care professionals as well as scientists, academics, environmentalists, parents and women’s organizations are increasingly advocating for action to reduce exposure to synthetic pesticides for non-essential (cosmetic) purposes.

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Parkland 4-Hers take part in communications

By Debra Kaleta

Rural Leadership Specialist - 4-H and Youth (MAFRD)

Thirty-seven 4-H members represented the 16 clubs of the North Parkland 4-H Area at the Area 4-H Communications Competitions held in Dauphin on March 7. Congratulations to the following members who won awards:

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Weed notes -Mar. 12

By Sid Lewis


Along with nine weed supervisors and other interested parties, I attended a workshop on March 5 at Assiniboine Community College (ACC). It was put on by Manitoba Conservation and dealt with the Cosmetic Spray Ban. I had previously asked a number of questions about who was the person responsible for implementing this ban and every time the answer was, “I do not know... will have to ask our policy people before I commit myself and the department.” My thought was if the government passes legislation on an Act, why wouldn’t they have the answers as well?

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Growing herbs indoors

By Patricia Hanbidge

Saskatoon School of Horiculture Principal

There is nothing better than to enjoy the wonderful aroma and flavour of food cooked with fresh herbs. Better yet, by growing those herbs we love to cook with, we also derive the benefit of having great looking edible plants in our home environment. Not all herbs are suitable for growing indoors, but there are many that are really quite easy to grow. I like to suggest that you grow first and foremost those herbs you will use to enhance the food you like to cook or consume. Secondly, try to grow herbs that are compact in size so they don’t get too large for your growing area.

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