Growing herbs indoors

By Patricia Hanbidge

Saskatoon School of Horiculture Principal

There is nothing better than to enjoy the wonderful aroma and flavour of food cooked with fresh herbs. Better yet, by growing those herbs we love to cook with, we also derive the benefit of having great looking edible plants in our home environment. Not all herbs are suitable for growing indoors, but there are many that are really quite easy to grow. I like to suggest that you grow first and foremost those herbs you will use to enhance the food you like to cook or consume. Secondly, try to grow herbs that are compact in size so they don’t get too large for your growing area.

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Cattails can clean water and provide heat

By Sumeep Bath

Communications Officer

Did you also know that cattail harvested right from our very own Manitoba wetlands can be used to clean drinking water, provide heat and improve agricultural soils?

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Weed Notes - Feb. 27

By Sid Lewis


Readers will see the positions for Midwest Weed District advertised this week. A relative from Melita emailed me and said they were astonished I had done all the requirements in the ad!

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The bond between music and plants

By Patricia Hanbidge

Saskatoon School of Horticulture Principal

Do you remember growing up and hearing that plants respond to music and that to encourage good growth you need to sing to them? Many gardeners believe their plants respond to music, that faded blooms will revive with an aria. Strange as it may seem, there is some scientific evidence that supports the theory that plants respond to music.

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Weed Notes - Feb. 20

By Sid Lewis


In my last two columns I mentioned an upcoming ad for the two positions needed by Midwest Weed District. The ad has yet to appear so if you are interested, here’s a brief rundown. 

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